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Does your business need a website, webservice or desktop application?
I provide software design, build & support services.
Perhaps you have a new project but don't want the risk of hiring new permanent staff?
I can help you with that.
Do you have so much work that your team is getting behind?
Let me help you meet your deadlines.
  • I can assemble and manage a team for larger projects
  • I can commit to deliver quality code
  • I can fit in with your existing team & practises.
  • I can work how you want me to work

My mission is to add value to your company by writing great code.

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Neil Thompson

I'm an experienced, reliable and honest UK based software developer.

I mostly work within the Microsoft product stack, namely:

  • WCF, XML, REST, Web Services
  • SQL Server, Entity Framework
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Cloud Computing (Azure, Amazon)

I am a developer and architect. I'm not a graphic designer. I can create small micro sites and build large enterprise applications. I loosely follow an Agile philosophy, with a focus on practical Agile techniques such as:

  • TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • BDD (Behaviour Driven Development)
  • SOLID principles & 'Software Craftsmanship'

I consider client contact key to the success of the project, especially for remote work. Cycles of presentation and feedback can catch potential misunderstandings early; This also helps minimize costs and provides opportunities for tweaks, testing, improvements and change.

I write software that achieves your business objective and helps make you money. I'm good at this. And I like it.

  • phone 01736 850032
  • email

Working software that matters.

Today "every business is a software business". Software development requires specialist skills and knowledge. Training your own permanent staff can take a long time and is often expensive - which is why an increasing number of companies are outsourcing some of their work to reliable external suppliers.

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"...the problem [with software projects] isn't change, per se, because change is going to happen; the problem, rather, is the inability to cope with change when it comes." Kent Beck

"In software, we rarely have meaningful requirements. Even if we do, the only measure of success that matters is whether our solution solves the customer’s shifting idea of what their problem is." Jeff Atwood

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"Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming." Brian Kernigan.

"That’s the thing about people who think they hate computers. What they really hate is lousy programmers." Larry Niven

"The best thing about a boolean is even if you are wrong, you are only off by a bit." Anonymous

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